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Do I have to have my own skates to come?
No! We have rentals here, and can even help you order skates when the time comes. We have grab & go skate purchases available, as well as customization orders that we can help you with.

What sizes are rental skates available in?
Rental skates start as small as a toddler size 10 and go up to an adult 15. For anything smaller than a toddler size 10, we have a very limited selection of plastic "little tyke" style skates that go on over their shoes.

Can adults walk on the floor with the children?
This depends fully on the type of session. Our sensory skate offers the opportunity for parents to walk on the floor with their children. However, Saturday night skating sessions do not. Please speak directly with management if you have specific questions.

What are your session times?
Our session times are listed on the calendar shared at: https://www.facebook.com/skateworldlaurel. The doors open a half-hour prior to the session. Weekend sessions do see a break in the day, so be sure to call or check our social media pages for specific times.

Do you offer lessons?
Yes, we offer private & small-group lessons. Anyone that can walk can take lessons, ages 1-101. Lessons are typically on Saturday mornings; however, private lessons can be arranged with management to fit your schedule.

What is a RinkRat card?
A RinkRat card is essentially an all-access pass for teens between the ages of 13-18. This card is a privilege to have and must be applied for and purchased by the teen's legal parent/guardian. This card can be revoked due to behavior, as this card means that you can be dropped off at skating sessions without adults having to stay at the session with you. The physical card must be presented at all sessions.

Can I use just a picture of my RinkRat card for entrance during the sessions?
No, you must present your physical card prior to entrance. RinkRat cards are available for teens 13 and up and must be purchased by the primary parent/guardian prior to first session use. These cards can be revoked at any time, but allow access to the sessions without parents/guardians. Please speak directly to Karen in order to purchase.

Do you accept FunFull (formerly Global Play)?
Yes, we do! Please note, though, that the app doesn't show all of our skating session times specifically. Please call or check our social media pages (https://www.facebook.com/skateworldlaurel) for the most up-to-date skating times. Also, please remember that FunFull can only be used once a day for skating sessions, so if you plan on attending both of our Saturday sessions you would have to pay using cash or credit/debit card for one of the sessions.

Is it a wooden skating floor?
No, the floor is a SkateCourt floor.

What are the rules for the skating sessions?
For the most part, we ask three simple rules: don't stop on the skating floor, keep going with traffic, and pay attention/be respectful of your surroundings. What that means is to make sure that you're not skating at 100 mph when there are a ton of little kids on the floor. Don't skate backward when the rest of the skating floor is skating forwards. If you need to exit the floor, do it carefully. If you fall, please get up as quickly & safely as possible. If you need assistance, a floor guard will come to help you as quickly and safely as possible.

Can I have a birthday party at the rink without other people from the public coming in?
Yes! We love private parties, because it means that you get to pick the music, you get to pick who comes, and so on! We've had private parties for church groups, family reunions, birthday parties for young & old, sports teams, and we've even seen formal dances on our skating floors! We can help you customize all of your needs to include concessions packages as well! Please remember that all parties are not finalized until the deposit & contract are received.

Can you help with fundraisers?
Yes! Many of our local school districts have hosted very successful fundraisers with us, as well as local sports teams, and more! We can help you customize all of your needs to include concessions packages as well!

Do you host field trips?
Yes! We love field trips from children in preschool up through college if you wanted to come join us as a class! Be sure to email skateworldde@gmail.com to schedule. Larger groups may need to do a private rental, while small groups could possibly join a pre-existing session. We can help you customize all of your needs to include concessions packages as well!

How far in advance do I have to book parties?
Booking times vary, but we need at least 2 weeks' notice. More popular times of the year (winter break and cold months) book up fast, so plan ahead, by emailing skateworldde@gmail.com.

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Can I purchase food/drinks after the session ends?
The pizza oven and fryers close down 15 minutes before the end of each session. Drinks and grab & go type snacks (chips, candy, etc.) can still be purchased up until the end of the session.

Is alcohol available during the sessions?
No, we do not serve alcohol at SkateWorld.