Our Story

Having grown up skating and playing hockey, Karen, the owner, was an avid roller skating fan, spending every opportunity at the rink as a teenager where she ultimately worked. Into her adult years, she introduced her family and other friends to the world of roller skating with both of her daughters taking lessons, and one playing hockey as a youth. As time went on, they continued to skate at SkateWorld during family nights, bringing along friends and coworkers' families, until she discovered that the original owners were ready to sell. Karen worked diligently behind the scenes to ensure that there was not a delay in skating sessions during the transition, going from closing to her first session as owner. Just like riding a bike, the muscle memory of running the DJ booth and renting skates came back, and she was off! Now, her grandchildren are all active skaters, participating in lessons, “helping” hand skates to customers, and even sampling their favorites in the snack bar. It truly is a family-run endeavor still, and you can find Karen at most if not all skating sessions. Be sure to say hi, ask questions, and most importantly have fun!